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At James Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on the quality chiropractic services we provide in Manassas and Northern Virginia. We invite you to take a look at our customer testimonials. If you have had a good experience with our business, please feel free to add your own testimonial as well. If you have questions, you can contact us or call us directly at 703-369-4111.

I suffered with severe sciatica pain to the point I couldn’t stand up straight for almost a year. During that time I was running from Doctor to Doctor, making due on pain pills to find the answer to my problem. A co-worker suggested that I see Dr. Jeffery James. I had never been to a Chiropractor. I’ve tried everything else, why not? After about 2 months of seeing Dr. James 2 to 3 times a week, I could stand straight, walk and no longer required pain pills. He truly was like a life saver for me. Dr. James and his staff are all very personable and professional. The really do make you feel like they care about your well being, care about helping you not only get rid of your pain but maintain a lifestyle that is pain free as possible. I now believe in Dr. James and his treatment methods to the point that I have referred several friends, family and co-workers to him and he has helped them too.

Debra J.

I am not your typical chiropractic patient. I have had back surgery almost 30 years ago and have back problems since. My problems include pain down both legs, digestion problems, urinary problems, headaches and other problems. Dr. James doesn’t cover up the problems he gets to the bottom of them and works with me to get them straightened out. A chiropractor is not just for back and neck pains, every bodily function travels down your spine and if the nerve is pinched you can have very serious problems. I highly recommend Dr. James for his skill and his compassion. You should give him a try too.

James Scites

Dr. James is not your usual chiropractor. His specialty is his unique blend of compassion, knowledge and personal care. His many years of experience enable him to respond to any challenge, whether it is chronic back pain or traumatic injury. His constant care has increased the quality of my life, which is the best result ever! If you need to trust your back to someone, he is your doctor.


I have been under chiropractic care for over 30 years and when my job moved me to this area in October 2003, I was in need of a new doctor. A coworker recommended Dr. James, and when the entire staff met me with professionalism, courtesy, and kindness, I knew instantly that I had found my new chiropractor. The office atmosphere is relaxed and the staff is great fun to be around. Although my body can be very difficult to manipulate, Dr. James does his utmost to relieve my discomfort – and succeeds! Thanks Doc!

April P.

I have a chronic back issue, I would rather not take medication. Dr. James keeps me on track for the long term (18 yrs) with regular “maintenance” adjustments. I appreciate Dr. James’ dedication to his patients.

Michele H.

Dr. James was referred to me by a family member. When my pain became greater than my fear of doctors I called Dr. James’ office. His kind and helpful staff got me in that day. Dr. James was very careful to go over my x-rays and explain them in detail. He was also thorough and concise in his goal for a treatment plan. I am happy to say that I have been crutch free for over a year now thanks to Dr. James. My overall health has improved as Dr. James has overseen my return to the gym and normal activities. I fully recommend Dr. James’ kind, gentle, and compassionate care.

Madeline P.

I met Dr. James when I injured my back. He diagnosed the problem and treated it. I recommend anyone needing this kind of service, stop in and see him and his staff. They will make you feel right at home as a friend, not just a patient.

Glen S.

I came to Dr. James seven years ago with acute lower back pain. A sneeze could send me into a spasm that would last for days. After a few treatments I was standing upright and walking with ease. With only a couple of visits a month for minor adjustments, I have been pretty much pain free and able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. James keeps me moving and I would definitely recommend to any one needing relief from back or neck pain.

Diane B.

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